While discussing the new player experience, one issue which has always popped up is the relative hostility towards certain languages. Given the wild reception MMORPGs have in countries like South Korea, it is a wonder that CCP hasn’t invested some time into localization. The same goes for the Spanish speaking community of which I am a part. A community that, though most speak English as a second language, is the primary language of more than 10% of the global population, many in freshly/nearly developed nations.

Granted, English is the world’s business language, but there is a large number of people who, though they speak the language, are not fluent enough to follow everything in the game without a translator pulled up on a second monitor. More than that, there is a certain pride that should be kept in mind when trying to sell someone a product that does not cater to their language. Where would Eve Online be if they had decided to only have it in Icelandic? Language packs should be worked on and CCP could easily reach out to the player community to more quickly roll out these packs. Adding the ability to identify corporations/alliances that natively speak your language would further promote subscriptions in other parts of the world.


줄여 말하면 영어는 공식 비지니스언어지만 지구인구 10%만이 쓴다! 언어팩 개발해 로컬화에 성공하자! 이브를 각 언어로 번역한 언어팩을 개발/유포해야한다! 뭐 이런겁니다.


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