민마타(Minmatar)의 3 종족(번역중)

2006.06.14 15:55

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민마타의 3 종족

민마타는 크게 Sebiestors, Brutors, Vherokiors로 구성되어 있다.

Sebiestors 세비에스토



야심만만하고 열성적인 세비에스토족은 개혁적인 사상가이며 언제나 새롭고 신선한 것들을 시도할 준비가 되어있다.
세이에스토족은 체격이 작지만 유연하고 대부분의 경우 우아하기까지하다.
창백하고 팽팽한 피부와 작은 체격이 일반적인 기준이고 덕분에 많은 사람들이 세이베스토족이 오랫동안 기아와 질병에 시달렸다고 믿게되었다.

남성과 여성

세비에스토 여성들은 친절하고 사려깊지만 잔인한 것으로도 악명이 높다.
일반적으로 매우 사랑스럽지만, 세상이 보이는 것처럼 만만하지 않다는 것을 알고있을 정도로 현실적인 사람들이다.
세비에스토 남성들은 관조적이며 호기심이 많고, 매력적이며 열정적이다.
이들은 기본적으로 사상가들이지만 탐구적인 성격덕에 어떤 직종을 선택하던 쉽게 성공할수 있다.



세비에스토족은 민마타의 기술자이며 발명가들이다.
이들은 특히 기존의 여러 아이디어와 기술들을 접목해 자신들 고유의 디자인을 만들어내는데 탁월한 재주가 있다.
세비에스토족 일부는 물건들이 작동하는 방식에 초자연적인 공감대를 형성하고 덕분에 극도로 우수한 땜장이가 되는 것처럼 보인다.


많은 세비에스토족 무역상들은 유랑민처럼 단기수익을 찾아 우주의 이곳저곳을 돌아다니며 산다.
이들이 장기적인 무역루트를 개척해 정착하는 일은 거의 없고, 엄청난 수익을 안겨줄 기회를 찾아 이리저리 방랑한다.


대반란 이후 대다수의 민마타인들이 적당히 새삶을 꾸리기위해 노력하는 반면,
일부의 민마타인들은 아마르인들과 민마타의 옛귀족세력을 용서하지 못하고,
여전히 아마르에서 노예로 살고있는 동포를 해방하기 위해 싸우고 있다.
이들은 아마르 국경 부근에 비밀기지를 건설하고 있다.





부루토족은 강인한 의지와 개인주의로 대표되는 부족이다.
이들은 거무스름한 피부를 가지고 있고 다른 민마타 부족들보다 약간 덩치가 크다.
이들은 육체적인 힘을 무엇보다도 중시한다. 직접 만나게 되면 좀 무섭다.

남성과 여성

Brutor Females are in some ways opposites of male Brutors. They are dominant, persistent, and egocentric. Their grace and beauty serve to aid them in these matters.

Brutor Males are patient, alert, and determined. Their thoughtful and deliberate manner gives them great situational awareness.




The majority of Brutors have a modest background - that of working the fields, mines and factories of the Republic (and before that of the Amarr Empire). Still, a lot of them take pride in their jobs and are expert craftsmen and builders.


Tribal Traditionalists

The Brutor clan was treated harshly while the Minmatars where under the yoke of the Amarr Empire. This strengthened their bond with their cultural heritage, the only thing the Amarrians couldn't take away from them.

Slave Child

The many millions of slaves within the Amarr Empire dream of escape, especially for their children. Every year thousands of newly born slave children are smuggled out of the Empire into Minmatar space, where foster parents raise them.






The Vherokior tribe is a splinter tribe from the Starkmanir tribe. The origins of the Vherokiors are actually well known, unlike the other older tribes. Some five thousand years ago a brutal Starkmanir chief was exiled with all his people. The chief led his people into the most inhospitable part of Matar and was never seen again. But several centuries later their ancestors returned to Minmatar society, much changed in appearance and manners. They never revealed the cause for this change, but took to roaming between the other Minmatar tribes in large caravans, living as merchants, healers, scholars and fortune tellers.

남성과 여성

Vheroikior females are renowned for their shrewd minds when it comes to business and trade. Their batering skills are second to non and they possess exactly the right mixture of sense and intuition to excel in both commerce and industry. The Vherokiors have long since abandoned their wandering ways, instead opting for small-scale family-run businesses. These small establishments, often small canteens and bistros, are usually operated by the matriarch of the family.

The Vherokior male is small in stock, but nimble and quick footed. They possess an easy charm and are quite affable. While the tribal tattoo tradition is something shared by all Minmatars, the Vherokior male shamans have taken it to new heights. The mystical nature of the Voluval ritual, where the inner soul and karma of the person is revealed through a body tatoo, is exclusively handled by Vherokior shamans and the secrets of the rituals are only known to them.



The wanderlust is still strong with many Vherokiors. While most have managed to curb their lust for adventure, there are those that can never settle down in one place for long. Never at rest, the horizon holds a constant faschination for them. For there are places to be seen and riches to be discovered.


The Vherokiors have always seemed a bit odd to the other Minmatar tribes. Doubly so in regard to those Vherokiors with mystical inclinations. Vherokior shamans are both revered and feared by the Minmatars. They possess insights that can be of great help to people, but these same insights can also grant them great powers.


Walk into any dingy little eatery in Minmatar space and odds are it's owned and operated by a Vherokior. The same goes for any other small business establishment in the Republic. The Vherokiors are notorious peddlers, dating back to their caravan days. They usually run a family business and are seldom inclined to create big corporations.