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빡돈 미타니


4월 28일날 

지타를 불태운답니다.


"Alright boys and girls lets get started. I wanted to get everyone here together today because obviously I just got banned. I fell on my sword a second time, I twisted it around, I apologize as best as it is possible to apologized. I owned my mistake and then I fixed things, and resigned...CCP kicked me off a cliff, and I am still going to be around I'm not going to go cry in a corner and quit because CCP has thrown me under a bus. They think that because this has happend to me, the rest of you are just going to give up and quit EVE. That is not the case. It's hard to say if what we're seeing from CCP in reaction to what happend, is coming from CCP themselves or from some other other influence. We must see, we must wait and see; When I am unbanned, whether EVE is still the the EVE we love. What we (the Goons) are going to do is this: April 28th is the day that I will be unbanned, we are going to annihilate Jita, we are going to go to the HEART of hisec, the BEATING HEART of EVE: Online...and we are going to STAB IT REPEATEDLY, and if CCP is still the old CCP this will be heralded as an amazing in-game offend...a "free Mittani" offend as it were, my first day out of the box..." -The Mittani

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