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2007.02.10 15:18

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참고 :  언제 번역 끝날지 모름. 그냥 옮겨놓으면 좋겠다 싶어서 일단 옮겨놓고 짬짬히 번역할 예정


Research Agents

R&D agents in EVE are “aides” through which research into Tech 2 Blueprint Originals is conducted. There are a few key differences between “normal” (mission) agents and research agents:

Standings Requirement: Research agents have both the normal standings requirement for an agent of their Level and Quality, as well as the requirement for Corporate or Personal standings at 2.0 less than the normal standings requirement.

In practice, however, this additional restriction rarely comes into play, since attaining the required Corporate standing automatically fulfills the lower requirement, and Personal standing can not be modified (except with skills). The secondary limitation, therefore, exists only to prevent those with high Faction standing from accessing top-level researchers without actually working for that corporation.

Skills Requirement: Research agents have requirements for skills, as well. Each agent’s info will list off the areas in which they can perform research. Higher-level agents will typically have more areas to choose from, though you can not perform research in multiple fields on a single research agent.

In order to begin research, you must have the skill that corresponds to the research area trained to Level I. These skills will have a prerequisite of Science V and either Mechanic, Electronics, or Engineering V.

Quantity Limitation: Unlike normal agents, you are limited in the number of research agents you can access at a single time. The starting number is 1 agent, and can be raised by training the skill Research Project Management, which allows an additional agent. Thus, the maximum number of research agents able to be contacted simultaneously is 6.

Special Missions:
The missions given out by research agents differ significantly from those given out by normal agents. More on this later.

Doing the Dirty Deed:
Once you’ve found a research agent (both EVE-Agents (from Chribba) and EVE Explorer (from Grismar) support searching by research skill, among other things), and have met the standings and skill requirements, it’s time to begin your research. Talking to the agent will provide the option to select the field of research and start your research. After this is done, you sit back and wait. You’ll earn a number of Research Points (RPs) per day.

The number of RPs you earn is based on this formula:
((Agent Skill + Your Skill)^2 * (1 + Effective Quality / 100)) * Area Bonus

Agent Skill: Determined by the Level of the agent. Level 3 agents will have Level III of the appropriate research skill.
Your Skill: Determined by your training in the research skill.
Effective Quality: is your effective quality (after Negotiation, Connection, etc.) with the Agent.
Area Bonus: Depends on the research field. Most fields have no modifier (e.g. 1), weapon-area research is doubled (2), and ship research is tripled (3).

These RPs Seem Valuable... Give Me More!
It is possible, however, to get more than your base RPs per day. There are three main methods to do this:

Research Missions: Research missions will be given out by the research agent. There is typically a 20-hour delay between research missions, so you’re guaranteed at least one per day from the agent. Your agent will typically inform you of a mission being availability via an EVEMail.

Research missions are typically either Trade (the most popular seems to be bringing the agent a pile of Tritanium) or Courier (small packages, under 10m^3). There is NO penalty to ignoring the mission (contrary to the tone of the EVEMail, research will proceed normally), failing the mission, or declining the mission. You will not hurt your Corporate or Personal standings. You will not lose and RPs.

What you will gain by completing the mission, however, is an amount of RPs equal to your normal daily total. The research missions also increment the "counter" used with normal missions, where 16 missions of the same level and same faction generate a storyline mission of the same level.

Note: It’s been known to happen that the agent may not EVEMail you for a mission after your first contact or after failing a research, or after you’ve failed a research mission. Should this happen, you’ll need to talk to the agent in person until you receive a mission; EVEMail notifications will subsequently resume.

Negotiation: The Negotiation skill directly improves the effective quality of your agent, and is the most efficient skill for raising the number of RPs you earn each day. Negotiation IV, for example, raises Effective Quality by nearly 20 points.

Connections: Not terribly efficient (but very useful in grinding standing to be able to use agents), Connections can minimally raise the effective quality of your research agent.

Okay, I’ve Got a Ton of RPs... Now What?
There are two uses for Research Points:

Datacores: You can directly spend your research points for the datacores for the skill you’ve been researching. Once you’re conducting research, and have enough RPs, you can choose to buy datacores by talking to your Agent. Datacores are a part of the Invention process.

Tech 2 Blueprint Originals: The other use for RPs is the “T2 Lotto.” When CCP releases a new “batch” of T2 BPOs, every “active” research point in the lottery is a “ticket” into the lottery. The more tickets you have, the better chance you have to win a T2 BPO...

... keeping the following caveats in mind:

  • There are many, many tickets in the lottery. Even with several hundred thousand RPs, your chances are very slim.

  • Your tickets might not even have a chance to win. If CCP is choosing to release a T2 Blaster BPO, and your research points are in Gallente Starship Engineering, you’re not eligible to win.

There is some debate as to how the winner is chosen. Argue among yourselves. Very Happy

This Research Sucks... I Quit... But Can I Still Win?
Unfortunately, no. If you choose to quit research with your agent, ALL of your RPs are foreited and you don’t get any of them back. Because of this, it’s worthwhile to choose a high-level (L3 or L4), high-quality agent to perform long research. And if it’s absolutely required to quit with an agent, buy as many datacores as you can before quitting.

The end.


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