Amarr-크루져 A Bait Curse.

2009.03.29 05:52

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출처: 6차 Alliance Tornament 제 6일

- Cult of War Vs Pandemic Legion



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"...Now We're seeing, we're seeing Shield Repp Drones on that Curse now...? ah."


"Yeap. Golems ah.. running ah... Shield Repp Drones, Curse, the one that's taking damage right now. He's shield boosting.

So no tracking disruptors. He's running a strong shield tank.

Maybe another case of ah, baiting the DPS to a ship that you choose..."




"... but you know you see no tracking disruptors, 

I don't see any Newts coming off that Curse,

I don't see any NOS coming off that curse,

he is, he is a bait Curse."


"Yeah. He could have smart bombs.."


"Wha, what just happened?"


"What did just happen?"


"He just, he just went from 10% shields to a hun,

and he did it again?!"


"Yeah. They're getting.. ah..."

He's, nuts.."




"You know, he probably doesn't have any Newts cause he's using all his grid for maybe an X-Large booster..?"


"Does he have a battleship shield booster on that?"


"Could you get that on to with her?"


"With Rigs? You know, if you put on, if you put on Ancillary Current Routers(파워그리드 Rig), you, it's uhm, you might be able to get it on, and now we're seeing Newts... Can't tell who they're coming from or two.. but, but, they're lunatics for continuing to shoot that Curse.."


...블라블라블라 he has no armor or structure HP whatsoever 블라블라블라...


"That was one of the most amazing, in the day, in a day full of Hero tanks, and we're just about to lose a Culf of War Sleipner..."


...블라블라블라 어쩌구 저쩌구.






그냥 흉내만 한번 내봤습니다 -_-


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