EVE Brodadcast

This is Rogue to any available ships: the cyno jammer is down.
Regroup at the outpost until reinforcements arrive.
Copy Rogue, Gulf in position.
 Repairs at only 30 percent, what’s the ETA on those reinforcements?
We’re going as fast as we can… just a few more jumps.
Copy that Talon, get here as quick as possible.
Stealth recon uncloaking at 40.
Gulf, that’s your primary!
Copy, engaging.
Heads up, he's lit a cyno.
New contacts, hostile capital ships inbound!
All ships, focus fire on that supercarrier!
Target down.
They lit a second cyno!
Enemy support bridging in.
We’re outnumbered two to one.
Austin, fall back to the gate and link up with Talon!
My shields can’t keep up, I need some help!
Get shield transfers on Saint!
Gulf, primary those dictors!
Unable, I’m jammed.
Talon, where the hell are you? We are getting murdered!
Armor’s gone, this is it.
Yes! Well done. Focus fire on the second carrier.
Cyprus, this is Hammer: the fleet is through. Call a target.
Enemy support fleet at 80…
Hammer, your primary is that support fleet, we’ll assign fighters to cover you.
Dreadnoughts in position.
Very good, start your siege cycle.
Copy. Engaging.
Cyprus, support fleet is disengaging, request permission to pursue.
Negative, maintain your attack.
You don’t need our help for this.
Don’t do it! We have no eyes out there...
Too late, already in warp.
Talon, they’re following us to the gate, are you in position?
Roger that Austin, we’re holding in the next system.
Talon fleet, jump through now!
Understood, jumping in.
That’s a lot of hostiles in local.
Yeah, glad you could make it.
Order targets by range...
Check scanners, here they come!
Take down that command ship first!
Roger, engaging!
Austin, align to the outpost at speed. Talon will call your primaries.
Primary those ECM boats next and target secondaries by range!
Prometheus, do you copy?
Standing by.
Cyno deployed, you’re clear to jump!
Roger that, jumping.
Now let’s kick these bastards out of our system!


여러분 썩고 있는 짱돌을 굴려 봅시다.


좀 난해한 부분도 있어서 쉽게 이해할수 있어야 할듯


번역좀 근데 왜 한글채널 한글화 게시판은 최신글 업데이트가 안되죠?

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